Philip Barton

Philip Barton

Chairman, The Gold Standard Institute International

Philip Barton was born in Bushey, England in 1946. In 1965 he departed on what was intended to be a six-month trip and, in his own words, is “a little overdue back home.”

Since leaving the UK, he has lived in Australia, Colombia, Malaysia, the US and Austria. He has played guitar in a rock band, panned for gold and worked as a spray-painter, cook, farmer, hat-maker, retailer, lecturer and investor. His interest in gold spans almost forty years.

He has invented manufacturing and cooking processes, invested in numerous retail businesses, has done turnarounds in Malaysia and other countries and is currently an investor based in Australia.

Barton founded The Gold Standard Institute in Vienna, Austria. It was the first single-issue organisation promoting the Gold Standard. He is currently the Chairman.